Mar 2020


In a world where new luxury brands are popping up every day, DITA Eyewear has made a bold move to re-imagine what that means and strive to provide an experience that is beyond the average luxury, EIPLUXURY.


DITA EPILUXURY embodies more than just luxury. Above and beyond luxury, DITA-Epiluxury encompasses precision detailing, craftsmanship and superior quality. DITA is redefining luxury eyewear by expression of five core EPILUXURY tenets.


With DITA-EPILUXURY, we are seeing the emergence of a unique modular eyewear system, where each frame has interchangeable temples, lens units and in some cases, interchangeable bridge components to provide the most versatility and function in eyewear.

The DITA-EPILUXURY flagship frames EPLX.5 and EPLX.9 enable the user to change lenses through a simple yet ingenious lens release system.


Engineering in the DITA-EPILUXURY line is all about precision, quality and detail, with a pinpoint focus on getting it absolutely right, no matter the time or cost. The DITA-EPILUXURY design system took a full 39 months to develop and fine tune.

Every element in DITA-Epiluxury is custom, requiring special tooling and machines. This level of detail and customization makes it nearly impossible for DITA-Epiluxury to be replicated and therefore counterfeited. For example, just a single temple for the Epilux 5 is comprised of 21 components, where standard in the luxury eyewear market is only 2 or 3 components.


Automated machines and mass production have all but taken true craftsmanship out of luxury goods today. When working on the concept for DITA-Epiluxury, only 4 highly skilled Japanese artisan workshops were chosen to work on this project. In the end, only ONE of these workshops had the skilled artisans required to craft each piece to DITA-Epiluxury’s demanding standards.

Working with high end Titanium and precious materials like horn, polished woods and handmade acetate requires a skill that few have. Ensuring that each material is processed and crafted to the exact specifications can often result in flaws in the materials, but DITA-Epiluxury’s craftsmen honed their skills to produce the finest eyewear products imaginable.


Design is not just reliant on the way something looks. It is an approach, a philosophy. Design isn’t about reflecting culture; it is about creating.

EPILUXURY surpasses time, transcends trend and fuels passion and creation. Timeless denies the context in which it was created and lives outside of trend. It stands on it’s own becoming universal and infinite in perfect balance. Timeless is not created, it is earned through hard work and precision.


Singular expression for a singular audience - the ultimate measure of EPILUXURY is in the unique experience of its owners, not in the number of sales or celebrity endorsements. A piece that requires so much expertise and craftsmanship to create results in exclusive limited editions, with components made in exquisite materials.

Limited production runs allow DITA craftsmen to devote special attention to every stage of the manufacturing process and achieve extraordinary results. Because the production cannot be rushed, sometimes delays may occur.
DITA-EPILUXURY manufacturing standards and specialty design require months to perfect a single eyepiece concept. This dedication to quality is the raison d’être of the brand and ensures exceptional results.
Although a specific métier, DITA wants to provide products to all those who desire them. They produce less but devote more attention to each product produced.
This quest is highly personal. The desire for things that last, means that DITA pays attention to detail. Demanding manufacture and design that wears well. DITA products are designed with an eye toward the future and with the intent that each DITA-EPILUXURY frame become integral to the wearer’s eyepiece collection.