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Putting contacts lenses on for the first time can be scary. We have simplified to some easy steps that you can follow:  Find the right side of the lens. See...

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Contact Lenses Care

Contact lenses can make a world of a difference! They are best when engaging in sports, enhancing your facial features, and giving your nose bridge a break from carrying the...

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Common Vision Problems in Children

Looking for information on children’s vision problems? Eyestar Optical looks at common eye problems for kids.

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Tips for Healthy Vision

Do you want to keep your vision healthy? Eyestar Optical has some good tips for maintaining healthy eyesight and taking care of your overall eye health.

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Can You Improve Your Eyesight?

Can you improve your eyesight? Want to know how to help your eye health naturally? Eyestar Optical has four ways you can maintain good eye health and possibly improve your vision.

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Foods for Healthy Eyesight

Are there foods that can improve vision? What can I eat to keep my eyes healthy? Eyestar Optical has a list of the best foods for healthy eyes.

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